dimanche 23 mars 2014

Complete dental prosthesis (denture)

A complete denture consist of the replacement of natural teeth by artificial ones. Dentures or also known as false teeth are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. They allow a patient to regain their mastication, pronunciation, smile and self-esteem.

You are concerned about the aesthetic aspect of your upper denture? For a more discreet upper prosthesis, technology now allows us to fabricate a transparent palate. It’s an aesthetic element that can make a world of difference..

Also available when fabricating an upper prosthesis is a metal palate which allows a much thinner palate. This is ideal for patients who display strong masticatory forces and tend to break their dentures.

Wire mesh or fiber (Fibre Force) helps strengthen the palatal area of the denture while maintaining an attractive appearance. The lower prosthesis with a soft base allows for easier chewing and reduces soreness and ulcers.

Your denturist Michel Puertas offers a 5 year complimentary warranty.

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